Can braces change your face shape?

Can Braces Change Your Face Shape?

Can Braces Change Your Face Shape?

For many of us, getting braces is a big deal! It feels like the start of a new chapter – in both exciting and daunting ways. As you prepare to get braces put on, it’s natural to start to wonder about the permanent effects. Your teeth should straighten up and align better, sure, but what else will change? What can you expect?

Continue reading as we dive into the ways you can expect your mouth and face to change over the course of having braces, and why that isn’t something you need to be afraid of!

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Will My Face Change With Braces?

Short answer: yes! Your face can change as a result of your braces. The work that braces do can be extremely noticeable over time. While there are plenty of different kinds of braces (such as metal, ceramic, aligners, and more!), they all work in one clear fashion. They apply pressure to the ligament connecting your teeth to the bone and begin to remodel the shape of your entire mouth. As your bone is shifted and adjusted, the shape of your face can also start to change.

The transition is slow and hard to notice, of course, but by the time your braces are removed you may realise that your face sits differently overall. That’s a sign of healthy, effective progress taking place!

How Does the Process Work?

Braces are very much a case-by-case basis. You will only be recommended braces after a thorough assessment, and often an X-ray, of your mouth. This ensures you’re getting the best possible treatment to see positive results! The timeline can significantly differ from person to person, though it’s common to have braces on for around 12 to 18 months.

During this time, the pressure being applied to the ligament connecting your teeth to the bone will start to influence the way your jaw sits. This is the main factor contributing to a change in face shape. Typically, these subtle changes will result in greater facial symmetry. If you have concerns about more severe imbalances in your facial structure, talk to your orthodontist about whether things can be done to have more significant changes made.

Effects of Braces on Children

Many, many young people will get braces in their lives – and for good reason! This is one of the most trusted and routine methods of straightening up smiles and fixing a variety of dental problems. Misalignment, overbite, crowded smiles… braces can be a solution! Many children and teenagers will get braces while they’re young, due to the way that their bodies are extra malleable to change during this period.

As bodies are still developing, the timing is ideal to help guide healthy growth. Braces can encourage your in-development teeth, bones, gums, and muscles to change in positive ways. This means, however, that braces can have a stronger influence on the overall structure and shape of the face. So while alterations to face shape are more likely in children and teenagers, it’s all for great reasons. Your changing appearance is a sign of healthy, realigned development taking place.

Effects of Braces on Adults

Is the likelihood of change and positive, quick adjustment higher in young people? Yes. Does this mean that adults are excluded from getting the grin of their dreams? Absolutely not!

Many adults will turn to orthodontic work for improvement in facial symmetry and shape. While treatments such as braces are mot common for children and teenagers, there can still be positive effects on offer as you get older. If your teeth and gums are healthy and well taken care of, you’ll have a better chance of seeing meaningful change. The tricky part is simply that as you age, your teeth and bones become less malleable. Your body grows hard and rigid with age, meaning that teeth are more likely to slip back into their original place once braces are removed.

That certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be an option, however. If you’re unhappy with the shape of your mouth and how it affects the shape of your face, contact an orthodontist today for a full assessment.

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