How Often Should You Visit The Dentist

How Often Should You Visit The Dentist

Dental Check-Up: Visiting The Dentist, How Often?

If you go to the dentist regularly, you’ll typically go in to have your teeth cleaned and an examination performed every six months. If you’ve let your dental health lapse, you may be asked to come in more frequently since there may be problems of which you’re not even aware. You could be on the cusp of developing a cavity or need a more extensive procedure and not even know it.

Your dentist is often the first to observe oral cancer and other abnormalities. Your dentist will be able to diagnose or prevent a myriad of oral diseases, ascertain problems with wisdom teeth, create treatment plans for existing or potential problems, and refer you to a specialist when required.

The dentist does more than simply take care of your teeth and gums. He/she will examine your mouth for lumps, bumps, ulcerations, discolorations, and any other abnormality. Your dentist will be able to spot early warning signs of an impending disease that can affect other areas of the body. The state of your oral health can change rapidly, which is why you should see your dentist for a check-up every six months.

Dentists ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, address problems before they become serious, and ensure you’re not in pain due a dental condition. There’s also a direct connection between many dental conditions and your general health.

Even if you only see your local doctor or GP once a year for an annual check-up, you need to see your dentist twice a year. There are numerous health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease that can be linked to lack of dental health.

Your child’s first dental visit should take place no later than their first birthday. It helps them become familiar with the dentist office and provides an opportunity for the oral health professional to ensure your child’s dental development is proceeding as it should.

The dentist can also identify problems with the tongue that can cause speech problems. Your dentist will provide you and your children with advice, information and tips on ways to maintain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

Regular Dental Check Ups

At Boorondara Family Dentist in Balwyn North we are often asked how often should you visit the dentist. Regular dental check-ups and visits to your local dentist are important for your oral health. It is recommended that your visit your local dentist twice a year, although if you are prone to gum disease more frequent dental visits might be required. At Boorondara Family Dentist we believe that prevention is always better than a cure and try to teach our patients to follow healthy oral habits.

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