How To Avoid Staining Your Teeth

A bright smile can speak volumes. Having sparkling, white teeth can not only look great, but can signify a healthy mouth. And as with most things to do with our bodies, prevention is better than cure. Subsequently, it is important to know how to keep your teeth free of stains in the first place.

At Boroondara Family Dentist, we are enthusiastic about ensuring your teeth are as fresh and healthy as possible. We can discuss with you the process of in-chair and at-home teeth whitening, but we also think it is crucial that you understand the root cause of stained teeth and how to avoid this issue as best as possible.


Types Of Teeth Staining

There are three fundamental categories regarding discoloured teeth. The first and probably most readily identified, is extrinsic discoloration. This involves stains that affect the tooth’s surface. Generally, this is caused by the consumption of food and drinks, and smoking.

The next category is staining that develops from within the tooth, which usually appears grey. This is more difficult to treat and can be caused by decay, medications, injury, too much fluoride, or genetics.

Lastly, there is the age-related category of teeth stains. The enamel on our teeth wears away as we age, and this can lead them to look yellow. This can be linked to intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

The Causes of Stained Teeth

There are many ways teeth can become stained. Due to their primary job, chewing, it is inevitable certain things we expect them to do will result in discolouration. Not brushing, flossing, or regularly visiting the dentist can also factor in.

You may feel like this list includes all the good things in life, but drinks such as coffee, tea and wine, and foods including curries, berries, and sticky lollies, can have a significant impact. Dark pigments in coffee called chromogens stick to the enamel of the tooth surface, and black tea contains tannins that are also detrimental.

The high acidity of white wines, soft drinks, and sports waters are also not good for stains. Sipping water intermittently and adding milk to tea or coffee, and choosing lighter and creamy sauces with your meals can reduce the risk of staining. Smoking is also extremely harmful to your teeth, as well as your overall health, and should be avoided. Not drinking enough water can also make an impact. Consuming plenty of water is crucial to flush leftovers out of your mouth. Holding food and drinks in your mouth for too long can also be an issue, so make sure to swallow once safe to do so.

Our Tips Stain Prevention

  • Great Oral Hygiene

You were no doubt told countless times when you were a kid: brush your teeth. Doing so at least twice, is paramount. Using whitening toothpaste, mouth rinse and water flossers can be very helpful.

  • Post-Food Care

Cleaning your teeth and flossing as soon after consuming pigmented food and drinks is highly recommended. This will remove particles that can otherwise remain against your teeth for a long time. If you are unable to do so, swish water around your mouth.

  • Adjust Your Habits

Making modifications to your food intake can make a huge difference. Decrease the regularity and amount of teeth-staining food and drinks you consume. If you smoke, talk to your doctor about ways to quit.

My Teeth Are Stained. Now What?

Now that you know why your teeth may be stained and how to avoid it, you may be wondering how to remove stains so you can essentially begin again. Thankfully, there have been some great advances and there are a range of options. Over-the-counter products, such as whitening toothpaste can be useful and cost-effective. For stubborn stains, however, they are not always the most beneficial method.

Our fantastic and experienced dentists at Boroondara Family Dentist offer in-chair whitening and cosmetic dentistry, which can be extremely successful and gain results quickly. We can also check the health of your teeth and mouth, and look for any underlying issues that need attention.

Bring Back Your White Smile

Teeth staining is a common issue for us all and is not something to be embarrassed about. It is possible to avoid stains and reduce any discolouration that may already be present with adjustments to our habits, teeth care regime, and the help of your friendly dentist at Boroondara Family Dentist. Come in and we can help identify the root cause of your staining and assist you on your journey to stunning white teeth.



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