Woobly teeth in children

Woobly Teeth In Children: What You Need To Know

Loose teeth and fairy visits are part and parcel of growing up! Baby teeth become wobbly from about six years of age to come free and make room for adult teeth. By the age of about twelve, children’s mouths generally include all adult teeth.

We have teeth before we are born. They are very small, and as we grow, our mouth gets larger and the food we consume is often tougher to eat. Subsequently, the tiny baby teeth become inadequate and irrelevant. The teeth that replace these are much stronger and larger in anticipation of decades of chewing and biting.

Losing baby teeth is an important step in children’s development. However, it can create questions and anxiety for parents and children. At Boroondara Family Dentist, we are here to support children’s dentistry needs as they approach and reach this milestone.

Dentistry Advice For When Children’s Teeth Are Loose

How And When It’s Normal For Teeth To Fall Out

Children typically have twenty teeth and in the space of approximately six years, each will be naturally freed from the mouth as the soft tissues change and develop. Once a tooth has started to loosen, it generally takes a few days to a week to come out. Eventually, all twenty baby teeth will be replaced by thirty-two adult teeth.

Should You Wobble Wobbly Teeth?

As teeth begin to move, it can be tempting for children to play with them, or to pull at them with the hope that they can speed up the visit from a generous fairy. As long as they have clean hands and don’t go as far as to cause excessive bleeding or pain, gently squeezing or jiggling of their teeth is usually okay.

It is best to let the tooth come out without force unless required and undertaken by a dentist. If a baby tooth is forced out too early, future positioning of adult teeth in that area can be affected, potentially causing gaps or crooked teeth.

Caring For Children’s Loosening Teeth

A small amount of bleeding, redness, swelling, and tenderness of the gums at the site of the loose tooth is normal, but if it becomes overly painful and your child is reluctant to chew, come into Boroondara Family Dentist for dentistry assistance.

Despite the movement and loss of teeth and any associated discomfort, keeping the mouth clean remains vital. Ensure your child’s teeth are gently brushed, with extra cake taken around tender spots.

For a couple of days after the tooth falls out, the gum area may be sore, so we recommend offering children soft or mashed food options. Before and after the wobbly tooth comes out, a cold compress placed on the outside of their cheek at the affected area may help reduce the discomfort and swelling.

Dentistry Advice For When The Tooth Is Loose, But It’s Not Falling Out

Sometimes, a tooth may start to move but might not come free, despite an adult tooth being visible under or near it. If teeth are stuck or blocked, dentistry care may be required to assist with removal.

A wobbly tooth may crack and not come out whole. This is generally fine. If parts remain firm and stubbornly in place, contact us for advice.

Having our friendly dentistry team perform regular check-ups will help to identify if all the permanent teeth are present and coming through normally, and whether assistance is required.

Dentistry Advice For Helping An Anxious Child With Wobbly Teeth

Your child may become upset at the prospect and process of losing teeth. Many children adjust to the idea and are easily encouraged by tales of the tooth fairy and becoming a big kid, while others dislike the feeling and become scared.

Regular dentist appointments can help your child feel supported and less fearful of the process of dental care. We can explain to them what is happening and provide guidance on how they can look after their teeth.

It’s also important to remain calm as their parent or guardian, so we recommend keeping the process fun and light-hearted, and reassure them that it’s a normal stage of growing up.

Friendly, Experienced Dentistry Care At Boroondara Family Dentist

The process of losing teeth is a natural one that can be exciting and momentous. Taking simple steps to help your child keep their teeth clean and healthy, as well as having regular check-ups by our kind dentists, can go a long way when it comes to transitioning from baby teeth to adult teeth. Our dentists can check that your child’s teeth are developing as they should and provide care when needed.

Contact us at Boroondara Family Dentist to organise an appointment for your child for general dental health or if you have any concerns.


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