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Boroondara Family Dentist offers quality cosmetic dental care for patients in Balwyn North, Templestowe Lower, Kew East, Mont Albert, Bulleen and the surrounding suburbs.

Are you worried about the appearance of your smile? Are you worried about that crooked tooth that you show all the time? Your teeth appear a little dark to you? Is it affecting your confidence?

Your smile is one of the most recognisable features of your face. It often draws the most attention. It is perceived as indication of your mood, sociability and well-being. Sadly, according to the Australian Society of Orthodontics, more than half of Australians feel self-conscious about their teeth.

The good news is cosmetic dentistry can significantly improve the aesthetics of your smile

The most important features of your smile are the colour, shape and alignment of your teeth. While improved teeth alignment is best-achieved with orthodontic treatment, shape and colour are best-enhanced by cosmetic dental treatment. Our cosmetic dentistry procedures include: teeth whitening, porcelain & composite veneers, crowns, bridges, clear aligner therapy, braces and other orthodontic appliances.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Boroondara Family Dentist in Balwyn North offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions to correct such common aesthetic flaws as stained teeth, broken teeth or teeth that are chipped, cracked, misshapen, or crooked teeth.

Dental Veneers

Not only do we want you to have a healthy and beautiful smile, we also offer cosmetic dentistry procedures that can significantly improve the aesthetics of your smile, including treatments for tooth alignment and positioning, tooth colour, and even tooth size.

These days, more people are turning to dental veneers to achieve this.

Dental veneers can hide imperfections such as gaps and crooked and discoloured teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become discoloured as a result of growing older, certain medications, smoking, and dark-coloured food and drinks.

Teeth whitening is the fast and easy way to improve your smile. We offer 3 different types to suit the needs of every individual.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Crowns are used to restore a tooth that has broken, is significantly decayed, or badly shaped. They may need to be used in cases of severe tooth wear, caused by acid erosion or grinding. Bridges are fixed restorations, used to replace one or two missing teeth.

Both crowns and bridges are used to restore broken dentition, missing teeth, improve chewing ability, improve appearance and maintain a natural bite.

Teeth straightening

Teeth don’t always come through in the correct position for a variety of reasons but they can be moved to improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth. There are a number of options including clear aligners, braces and other orthodontic appliances.

Cosmetic Dentist Balwyn North
Cosmetic Dentistry Balwyn North

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