Orthodontist Balwyn North

Orthodontist Balwyn North

Boroondara Family Dentist offers several teeth straightening options for patients in Balwyn North, Balwyn, Templestowe Lower, Kew East, Hawthorn, Mont Albert and the surrounding suburbs.

More and more people are turning to teeth straightening to enhance or change their smile.

What are the options?

Clear Braces

Clear aligners or clear braces are plastic devices that conform to the shape of your teeth to move them into position. A plan is made and comprises of a number of aligners that are changed every 2 -3 weeks depending on the system we use. We use a number of systems to get the best result for you including Invisalign, Trio Clear and Clear Correct.


Braces are metallic squares that are glued to your teeth. These are then attached to a wire that moves the teeth into correct alignment.

Other orthodontic appliances are usually removable and sit in the top or bottom of your mouth and can move from as little as 1 tooth or many teeth. They can also stimulate changes in your jaw bone to make more room for your teeth.

What are the benefits?

Straighter teeth can make for a more confident and even smile. Additionally it will be easier for you to clean and maintain teeth in the long term.

What are the risks?

You can expect to get some sensitivity and discomfort from any form of treatment listed above. Each treatment method has different potential risks that are best discussed with your dentist as they will be specific to you.

Orthodontist in Balwyn North
Orthodontists Balwyn North
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