Dental Erosion Balwyn North

Tooth Wear & Dental Erosion Balwyn North

Teeth wear as you age, albeit at a very slow rate. Your lifestyle and actions can increase the rate at which they wear.

Dental erosion

Dental erosion of tooth structure can occur due to exposure to strong acids found in certain food and drinks, some medicines, as well as stomach acid.

Tooth wear can also be caused by a number of medical conditions, and can be the cause of pain and sensitivity, affecting the function and appearance of your teeth. It is best prevented, as treatment can be very expensive.

At Boroondara Family Dental, our team of experienced dentists in Balwyn can detect early signs of dental erosion and will discuss ways in which you can stop your teeth from eroding.


Excessive clenching or grinding of the teeth. This can be related to physical or psychological stress and anxiety, but can also become a habit. Bruxism causes significant damage to teeth and can result in tooth loss and breakage. As a result, it is best prevented.

Early treatment may involve physiotherapy and an occlusal splint, similar to a mouthguard, to wear overnight.


Mechanical wear of the tooth, most commonly from brushing—usually caused by using a brush that is too hard, using the wrong technique, or brushing with too much force.

Treating severe and symptomatic tooth wear may involve fillings, crowns or veneers to improve appearance and function.

Tooth Wear and Dental Erosion Balwyn North

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